jeudi 12 décembre 2013

Breathing sunshine, Cape Town.

Two months already since I left Paris for Cape Town, South Africa. Such a blessing to live here with the ocean on the left and the mountains on the right. Two months is enough to get some habits and here is a quick selection of my fav instants… 
* * *
looking at the mix of Design & Nature everywhere - chilling out with new friends - walking in the cold foam - going outside for breakfast - Clifton 1st beach at 6pm - tanning from my bed - smoking in the sunshine haze - buying Protéas and other colorful south african flowers - exploring Nature before dinner - dreaming on my balcony while listening to the waves - having sunset at home for teatime - sharing this new adventure with my man
* * *
All photos taken with Instagram (@sarahmahini)
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xx, S.