vendredi 1 novembre 2013

✽ Made in my Dreams

I know I already dreamt about it. This little house lost in the green hills. Somewhere.
The natural light and the windows open to a messy garden which keep you totally connected to nature. 
The secret backyard full of grass plants, candles and travel souvenirs. And a surfboard, always. 
The used white kitchen suspended in the air - peaceful breakfast and dreamy dinner. The atmosphere, so calm, so quiet. 
Some pieces of wood from floor to ceiling. And here and there some homemade pillows and plaids, vintage furnitures and a lot of books. I mean, a mountain of books. 
To still dreaming and keeping our minds open, favorite photographs all around the house… 
Well, I dreamt about this house. And all I know is she's real, waiting somewhere in Mexico…