lundi 5 août 2013

A Nomad Getaway ❊

Off to the woods. 
Let's go on the road for two days getaway, with family by my side. 
Driving to the Forest of Fontainebleau to find a lovely place to stay: an authentic Mongolian yurt. 
Two days of stroll, rest, joy and tranquility. Pure happiness. 
What a great experience to spend the night in such a pretty little home behind the trees. It's been a while that I haven't sleep outside ; cannot remember the last time actually. 
The yurt is kinda magical. The adorable ethnic furnitures make you feel that you are lost somewhere in the middle of vast plains, traveling for living... It creates a special atmosphere - a boho cocoon. 
Well the night wasn't so peaceful as we got a storm, but I liked it... Perfect harmony! 
We spent the days eating well, discovering some old villages, playing and making some new family souvenirs. Priceless! 

YES! I'm officially in holidays but no travel planned for this Summer. Gonna stay in the sunny Paris setting-up a new life project. We'll talk about it soon...
* * * 
Music - AARON EMBRY, Raven's Song

Food - Cannot stop drinking cider "à la rose"
Style - Feeling comfortable in my long flowery skirt by Brandy
Book - L'Ennui, Alberto Moravia
Souvenir - A fragrance "à la rose"
Surprise - Finding an unknown cat sleeping next to me ... 
* * *
prettiest herbal tea ever
Secret Dinning

"We are all wanderers on this earth; 
our hearts are full of wonder, 
and our souls are deep with dreams."
Gypsy proverb


Photos: Sarah Mahini