jeudi 27 juin 2013

Weekend Getaway, Annecy

Early Morning Flight - Wake-up at 5am. Put 1 jeans, 3 tees, 1 dress and a few basic stuff in a suitcase. Going straight to the airport. Paris still sleeping/ empty road. 8 am, breakfast in the air ... 

Lake from the Road - Green mountains/ snow-covered top/ translucent lake ... Amazed by the landscape perfection. 

Green + Blue - Fifty shades of green vs Fifty shades of blue. Wondering each one is my favorite ... Nature & Water belong together! 

Aquatic Dream 

Lake Side Walk - Timeless, it smells like holidays. Closing my eyes, let's pretend we're lost in the middle of the 70's ... 
Vacation atmosphere! 

Lake Vagabond

Old Stone Sunshine - It's all so charming ... Stop by the canal and have a glass of lemon ice tea.  Epicureanism at the most! 

Beauty under the Bridge 

Breakfast with View - Sharing fresh orange juice and salted butter toasts with the little bro. Simple happiness, surrounded by mountains with the blue lake further down! Please, stop the time ... 

Sunday Midday - Watching a swan swimming while eating some fresh raspberries and feeling very Frenchy.
"Douceur de vivre à la française."

This time. This place - Nothing more to say.

* * * 

 JOHN LENNON, Jealous Guy // The sound of this family break!