jeudi 11 avril 2013

A Night with Anaïs

Anaïs is the pretty girl who hide herself behind the musical articles on Boubouteatime. The one who gives rhythm to our reading and accessorize her notes with her melodious discoveries and her artistic crush.
Anaïs shows a strong devotion to intense acoustics and revels herself as a real passionate of gripping performances and fevered shows.
A few hours at dusk with Anaïs is a promise of a moment out of time, soothed by the electric sounds. A bottle of wine, some candles, I take my place while Anaïs unveils vintage vinyls and anthologic records. Let’s the music play. 

Anaïs playlist – one Moment, one Music
One music to… be happy – THE DRUMS, Let’s Go Surfing
One music to … work – CAANDIDES, Before the Art
One music to … get away – THE NAKED & FAMOUS, Punching in a Dream
One music to … go back to childhood – THE ROLLING STONES, Satisfaction
One music to … have a drink with the girls – ALEX WINSTON, Locomotive
One music to … a romantic night – THE TEMPER TRAP, Love Lost
One music to … fall asleep – SNAKADAKTAL, Air
One music to … be on the road – TALKING HEADS, This Must Be The Place
One music to … be relax – ST. LUCIA, All Eyes On You 
One music to … listening on repeat – EMPIRE OF THE SUN, Walking on a Dream

Photos: Sarah Mahini

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