mardi 26 mars 2013

MY TO GO LIST > Ten Natural Wonders

1. Namib Desert, NAMIBIA
Probably the first place on this top 10 where I will go. Namibia is the country of origin of my man and has a special place in my heart. Can't wait to lay down in the red sand dunes.... 

2. Kerala, INDIA
India talks directly to my heart. Everything about India makes me wanna go there. 
And one day I will rent a charming house boat, I will put a flower in my hair and admirate the sunset through the jungle in a very magical atmosphere...

3.The Wave, Arizona, USA
I wanna feel like I'm walking on another planet, in another age. Somewhere far away from reality, disconnected from everything. 

4. Salar de Uyuni, BOLIVIA
Let's walk on the largest natural mirror... Having the feeling to run on clouds, floating in the sky! 

5. Bagan, MYANMAR
Sacred geography. The ruins stand alongside an amazing scenery. 
Mythical center of the Theravada Buddhism where I wanna spend a day from sunrise to sunset...

6. Positano, ITALIA
I'm in love with the Amalfi Coast and its romanticism. Positano looks like a gypsy fisherman's village where we can live the perfect Dolce Vita. To avoid during crowed summer, I wanna go there out of season, just me and my man... 

7. Plitvice, CROATIA
From azure to green, the colors change constantly depending on the quantity of minerals or organism in the water and the angle of the sunlights. 
Nature is full of magic! 

8. Hamilton Pool, Texas, USA
Timeless, it seems to be the perfect place to feel like a wild nymph. 
What about a day with best friends, enjoying the hot water, the natural waterfalls, and the flourishing nature...

9. Petra, JORDANIA
Very touristic attraction, well but looking at this historical city can brings us directly into an Arabian Nights story. 
One day, I will light a candle there at night... 

For me, Tibet is the apology of the alchemy between virgin nature and spirituality. Tibetans show a deep and authentic respect to their environment and created a very peaceful atmosphere dedicated to serenity. 
The place where I wanna go after lifetime achievements. A kind of retrospective retreat, behind accomplishment...


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